Can co-habitating with Ed Begley Jr. result in a funny reality TV show?

What do you think life is like living with a fanatical, hybrid-driving environmentalist? You can find out on yet another reality show, this time on HGTV, will feature Ed Begley Jr. and his tolerating wife, Rachelle Carson. The 6-episode series, which the press release called "hilarious and feisty," starts in January. We got to know Ed a little earlier this month at the SEMA Show and quickly discovered his passion for all things green, and in the show we discover his spouse isn't quite as a eco-obsessed. Car enthusiasts often live with similar tensions in the household, so there might be some parallels with which we can identify while watching this series. I was a big fan of "St. Elsewhere" when it aired in the '80s, so I'm willing to give the show a chance, and my daughter loves HGTV, so what's the harm in trying?

I'm not sure that watching someone "time" another person in the shower with a stopwatch is amusing; but then again, not a single prank on "Overhaulin" has been even remotely funny or entertaining in the show's entire history. And the undying "we're behind schedule" storyline in "American Hot Rod?" Boring! With the exception of " Pinks," car enthusiasts don't have anything to brag about when it comes to reality based TV shows. I only hope the HGTV show is more exciting than the title: "Living With Ed."

[Source: HGTV via Earthtoys]

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