Two long for one short, Smart Car discounted for Binz limo buyers

It sounds kind of silly – get a Smart Car for £1,000 when you buy two Mercedes-Benz E-Class extended limousines for £165,000 – but it's got a bit of sense to it. If you're in the market for limousines, then you're probably running some sort of hospitality business, like a hotel. And if you're running a business, then you've got people working for you who need to run errands (get me fresh, hot coffee now!). So, you buy your limos and now you've got a small, fuel-efficient mini car to send on those errands. It's a win-win, even for the intern who has to go get you your coffee.

This is basically how Binz, the authorized coachbuilder for Mercedes Benz limousines and hearses in the UK, is pitching its reduced-price Smart Car offer to buyers. It does make some sense to me, and if the limo buyers really don't want the Smart, then they can turn around and sell the thing. Smart Cars usually sell for around £7,000, so they're bound to make money selling it off.

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[Source: Binz]

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