Turbos coming back to F1 in 2011?

Way back in the era known as the '80s, Formula One cars outfitted with turbos were making upwards of 1,500 HP, from engines as small as 1.5-liters. As time wore on and power went up accordingly, turbochargers were banned in the never-ending quest to bring power and development costs out of the stratosphere. Fast-forward over two decades later, and environmental concerns have made FIA president, Max Mosley reconsider the snail-ban.

During a conference in Munich this week, Mosley announced that a reintroduction of forced induction might take place by 2011. The lifting of the ban will not result in another horsepower arms race, but intends to make F1 vehicles more environmentally sound. Bio-fuel would become the prerequisite explosive material and revs would be kept above 15,000 RPM.

The article also hinted at Mosley's retirement, likely to take place in 2010.

[Source: Formula1.com]

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