Even more details on the Lancer

As we've mentioned previously, a lucky group of journos got the chance to take the new Mitsubishi Lancer out for a spin earlier this week. The downside was that no one could give any details about the experience, nor any of the hard data they surely received in their press packet, until the embargo has been lifted later this year.

However, our man who hails from 'our favorite kind of road' left the little junket "impressed" and was able to shed some light on what trim levels we can expect from the new Lancer. First off, he didn't drive Ralliart or Evolution variants, however, he did divulge that three trim levels would be made available once the Lancer hits dealers. On the Ralliart side of things, Mr. Paukert made it clear that the Ralliart versions will be more along the lines of say, Subaru's STI, offering more power and more toys Mr. Paukert maintains that a Ralliart-spec Lancer will be equipped to duke it out with the standard Subaru WRX, while the EVO, as it has done for over a decade, will compete with Subaru's STI offerings.

The increase in exterior size, interior capacity and power is a definite indication that the Lancer seeks to be many more things to many more people that its predecessors. In an effort for Mitsubishi to become more competitive on the world stage these three features are absolute musts, which brings us to a tipper by the name of Kevin.

He threw together this listing of information which, of course, we have no way of confirming, although much of it seems very feasible. Beginning with the technical stuff, Kevin reports that the Lancer will come equipped with a fully independent front and rear suspension, front and rear disc brakes equipped with ABS, an 18-gallon fuel tank and 12 cubic feet of trunk space. The base, 2.4-liter four will make 140 HP at 6,000 RPM and 135 ft.-lbs. of torque at 4,000 RPM, with EPA mileage figures to run 28 city/35 highway. The Ralliart version will bump up power into the 175 HP range. Standard side airbags will make the IIHS happy and traction control will be an option.

Kevin's pricing estimates are as follows:
DE - $15,000
ES - $16,500
GTS - $18,000
Ralliart - $22,000

The official information on the Lancer and a near-production version of the EVO will come out during the Detroit Auto Show, although we expect more information to leak as the date draws near.

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