Cadillac unveiling long-wheelbase DTS in L.A.

UPDATE 1 - Motor Trend's blog confirms the rest of the details that were floating around. 8-inch stretch, privacy seating, etc.

A couple of sites have posted reports that Cadillac will be unveiling a long-wheelbase version of the DTS at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Intrigued, we checked with some of our sources and have it on good authority that the General will indeed have a long-wheelbase DTS in LA. We think we can also quell speculation about the possibility of a V-Series edition of said car, as our understanding is that this stretched DTS is primarily oriented toward the livery market. That means that the recently saved-from-execution Lincoln Town Car is about to have a serious new competitor breathing down its neck in the executive sedan segment. We expect to hear full details on the new Caddy towards the end of the month. Stay tuned.

[Source: Internal]

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