Porsche Travel Club: Come for the snow, stay for the drifts

What do the financial solvent among us do? Drive new 911s. On a frozen lakebed. In Vail, Colorado.

Porsche's popular Travel Club has been enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts in Europe and, until recently, wasn't available for those who wished to remain stateside. That's all changed when Camp4 was added to Porsche's Driving Experience program. As indicated by the name, fortunate travelers get their own 911 Carrera 4S to flog around an ice track in an effort to hone their winter driving skills and enjoy the luxuries that only well-to-do individuals can afford.

Porsche employs a cadre of experienced racers to coach the privileged few through a series of exercises designed to teach advanced car control, safe driving practices and the mental game that ensues when piloting a vehicle at its limits.

The amenities to be enjoyed are of the four-star variety, including a luxury hotel, fine dining and other niceties that make us salivate from afar. But when it really comes down to it, we just want to drive and that's what this program seems to do best.

More information is available through the Porsche Driving Experience website, here.

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