RR of the Day: 1984 BMW 745i Turbo

It's a rare occasion that the day someone uploads his or her car to our Flickr group it gets our immediate attention. This is one of those occasions.

Back in the days of cocaine and Boy George, one super-saloon dominated Germany's Autobahn. The BMW 745i Turbo was a European-only model that originally housed a 3.2-liter inline-six huffing through a turbo. When 1984 rolled along, the engine was stroked out to 3.5-liters and said turbo remained, producing over 250 HP and 280 ft.-lbs. of twist. Coupled to a four-speed auto that had three different drive settings, the end result was one of the fastest sedans available at the time.

Flickr member NDMOOSE was able to get his paws hooves on one of over a thousand examples that have made the long trek across the Atlantic over the years and thankfully, he's kept it relatively stock. In addition to having the engine, turbo and tranny rebuilt, a BBS unit replaced the stock front air dam and the rolling stock now consists of a set of 17-inch Rondell R58's with Michelin PS2 rubber. Inside, Mr. Moose opted to ditch the 80s-era tunes in favor of a modern Panasonic head, with speakers to match.

Although it's not explained how the vehicle got to our shores, importation of 'Grey' cars from overseas is certainly not an uncommon practice. It does, however, take a considerable amount of patience and coin for parts and service, so our hats are off to Mr. Moose. It also gives us an idea for a themed RR of the Week.

More pics after the jump.

All this week we'll feature unrelated rides that catch our eye, but we're returning with a theme next week and that theme is "Best Autocross Car". If you've got a hot AutoXer, join the Autoblog Flickr Pool and submit your ride for consideration. More detailed instructions can be found after the jump.

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