First images of the new 2008 Smart ForTwo thats coming to the US market

CarScoop has the first photos of the new 2008 Smart ForTwo. This is the first major re-work to the Smart since it's 1998 introduction, but at a glance it looks much like the current model. The car is slightly larger, and has an upgraded interior. The overall layout remains the same with the engine laying on it's side between the rear wheels and driving those wheels. The main visual difference - very subtle - is at the front where it has been changed to meet the new European pedestrian protection standards. The 2008 ForTwo is going on sale in Europe next spring followed by the long-awaited US launch, when it will finally come over to take on the Hummers and Expeditions on our roads. If you live in a crowded urban environment where parking is at a premium, this could be the ideal car for you. Click through to see all the pics over at CarScoop.

[Source: CarScoop]

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