Jellio Drive In - the very model of automotive wall art

Jellio is one company that has landed on our radar in the past for producing auto-inspired wall art that we'd be happy to swap for that Picasso we picked up at Sotheby's last year. First it produced a limited series of wall art called Turbo that resembled the plastic parts of a 70s era model car kit. Jellio has revisited that concept with its newest piece called Drive In that this time incorporates pieces from a hot rod model of the 50s. Produced from polyurethane resin and weighing about 20 lbs., the apx. 3.5 x 3.5-foot Drive In is secured to your wall by three flush-mounted brackets. In order to get one, however, you'll have to not only stomach the $3,000 price tag, but also convince your spouse that the Metallic Silver tribute to your model building youth goes just fine with your living room's décor. Hey, you can always say you were considering mounting a Lamborghini Countach above the sofa.

[Source: Jellio]

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