The future of the Saab 9-5

The Saab 9-5 is the automotive equivalent of an octogenarian. Most manufacturers debut a revised model every four years, sometimes three, sometimes five, but the 9-5 has been around for over eight years now and it shows.
The UK's Car magazine cobbled together what facts are already known and combined them with some insider knowledge to come up with a few renderings of the future of the 9-5. The article itself isn't just pure stylist speculation, but gives a rough idea of both the looks and underpinnings of Saab's new mid-size sedan.

The styling takes cues from the AeroX concept car from this year's Geneva show and is clearly trying to get some of that coupe-meets-sedan cred that Mercedes made so popular with the CLS. As for mechanicals, you can expect that the new 9-5 will be based off GM's Epsilon II platform that will underpin the Opel/Saturn side of things. The platform will likey undergo some serious revisions, namely to the suspension and steering components, before being employed into the new Saab.

Naturally, FWD will be the order of the day, but AWD will be an option, as will the choice of either a common rail diesel V6 or turbo'd V6 that is expected to put out over 350 HP.

[Source: Car]

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