Lotus Exige S British GT Special Edition

Lotus has been dominating the British GT3 race series all year and in celebration of their thirteen wins, the lighter-than-thou automaker has decided to release a commemorative edition of the Lotus Exige S.

Taking a cue from its racing counterpart, the (deep breath) Lotus Exige S British GT Special Edition shares the same livery, in the form of two gold stripes, framed by two silver stripes. But that's not all. The Exige also comes with a set of silver, seven-spoke forged rollers, new thrones, four-point belts, new rear wing, individually numbered logo plates, Lotus Sport Cardena decals and 'British GT' badging.

If you're going to drop that kind of coin on a collectible, you might as well go full bore. So Lotus offers a GT Pack that bumps the supercharged, 1.8-liter's output to 243 HP and subsequently drops the zero-to-60 time below four seconds. The front brakes also are upgraded to a larger, two-piece unit and Ohlins dampers, partnered with new springs manage the handling duties.

No word yet on how many will be made available, but we're interested in what it'll go for on eBay in 2045.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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