SEMA: FJ Cruiser Soft Top

John Neff reports from SEMA that Toyota's FJ Cruiser Soft Top concept is fairly cool, with its supercharged 4.7-liter V8 and removable top. But the short, Hummer H2 SUT-like bed in back seems more useful as a beer cooler than for hauling sizeable quantities of stuff. GM recently saw the limited appeal of the H2's diminutive bed and appears to have given the forthcoming H3 SUT more room for junk in its trunk. The FJ Cruiser's tiny bed is further limited by the lack of a passenger compartment pass-through.

Other features of the concept include 33-inch Mickey Thompsons on 18-inch AR wheels, TRD brakes, TRD exhaust and a droppable rear window.

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Toyota FJ Cruiser Soft Top

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