GM's SEMA group slightly greener than Ford's. Slightly

I wrote yesterday about Ford's less than bold collection of vehicles at the SEMA show this year. While I fully acknowledge that SEMA is not a "green" car show by any means, I don't see why car companies can't use some of their marketing muscle to draw connections between tricking out a vehicle with aftermarket modifications and being kinder to the environment. It's not like green tech is totally unrepresented at the SEMA show this year, so there is a basis for this.

But why pick on Ford? What about GM? GM has brought 27 vehicles to the show this year, and the story's the pretty much same with them as it was with Ford. But GM's doing slightly better, with an E85-capable Hummer H3. While there's a healthy debate about just how environmentally sound E85 production is, no one can argue that putting 85 percent less petroleum into your tank is a good thing. And, since it's not that difficult to convert an engine to be E85 capable, couldn't GM sponsor a special award for the best E85-ready vehicle at the show? There's plenty of ways for automakers to live yellow, as it were, every day of the year, and we should criticize them when they don't.

[Source: GM via Autoblog]

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