SEMA: Galpin's BOSS Mustang heralds return of production version

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The Galpin BOSS 302 Mustang is tucked away in Ford's booth bathing in its own Grabber Blue glory. The car features the brand new BOSS 302 crate motor producing, from what we hear, a relatively modest 340 out of a potential 500 horsepower. Aside from that, we can only go on what we see since no information was accompanying the car. What extra info do you need? It's got the BOSS 302 graphics, louvers, a deep chin spoiler, wood-rimmed steering wheel and T-handle shifter. We have to seriously knock Galpin, though, for those GAS (Galpin Auto Sports) wheels that make the retro muscle car look too tunerific.

Just as the BOSS 302 crate motor is a precursor to the return of the BOSS production engine, the Galpin BOSS 302 paves the way for a production BOSS Mustang that's due in 2009. The production version of the BOSS engine, which will share virtually nothing with the crate motor besides its name, will first debut in the F-150 (remember the Hurricane engine? same thing) before showing up in a BOSS Mustang suitable for mass consumption. Until then, if you're jonesing for a BOSS Mustang you'll have to hit up Galpin.

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