SEMA: Foose P-32 Hot Rod

Chip Foose is a magician. And not the David Blaine, look-at-me-while-I-live-underwater-for-a-month kind of magician. He's the kind we like. He's a wizard with metal. Famous for turning muscle cars into resto-mods or all-out customs that manage to grab their fair share of awards over the year, he also does one-offs as just plain labors of love.

Today he showed his P-32 Lincoln Zephyr V-12-powered homage to the returning flyboys who got back from WWII and decided to build themselves something that would capture the thrills of the fighters and bombers they left behind when they came marching home.

More of a classic rod than Foose's more artistic redoings of muscle cars that have put Overhaulin' on the map, the P-32 Street Fighter has the look of something that would have been made in the '40s or '50s. P-40 Warbird-style exhaust, riveted windscreen trim, a machined nosecone and a stripped out interior all lend a period feel. Very, very cool. Every pic is clickable for a desktop size wallpaper.

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