We've spent so much time here at Autoblog yelling about the rank awesomeness of GM's Australian product, we forget that The Blue Oval brand has some pretty rockin' stuff in the land of Oz as well. In fact, it's just as good. We've just been so busy obsessing over Ford's stellar European lineup that the hot Aussie stuff gets shoved to the back burner. This week's Australian Motor Show reminded us just how engaged Ford of Australia is with its local enthusiast customer base, what with its FPV division (think Australian SVT, but with an actual lineup of products). In Sydney, FPV unveiled its Force 6 and Force 8 performance sedans, either of which we would run up to and hug were they offered here (with the wheel on the other side, of course).

Now, those are both based on the Aussie-market Falcon, which is a pretty appealing set of wheels even without the added FVP muscle. Available in a variety of trim levels with V6 I6 or V8 power driving the rear wheels, the Falcon represents exactly the type of car Ford could desperately use right now, seeing as their passenger car lineup is woefully devoid of rear-drivers (save for Mustang and the dated, neglected Crown Vic and Town Car). The latest variant is the new Fairmont Ghia, which places a focus on European styling and dynamics, combined with the aforementioned Australian power and performance. Have a look at the car's new TV spot., and try not to get too jealous.

thanks to reader Daniel Dacey for the tip!

[Source: YouTube]

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