Twenty teams working towards 2007 Solar Decathlon

The next Solar Decathlon will take place next year, the third in a series that started in 2002 and continues in 2005. Twenty collegiate teams will participate in the event, which is about finding ways to use solar energy to "sustain everyday household functions, power a car, and provide a comfortable and attractive place to live," according to BP, which announced Friday it will return to sponsor the event for the third time. The twenty teams will each receive $100,000 from the Department of Energy over two years to design and construct their completely sustainable solar homes. BP is also offering the teams solar materials at a discount and technological advice. The homes will be moved to the National Mall in D.C. next summer and will be judged on efficiency, style and innovation. The schools are not tasked to build a car, instead the competition rewards teams "that can plan their use of transportation the most efficiently and that use their houses' energy systems to provide the energy to meet their transportation needs." Sounds like prime EV territory to me.

[Source: BP]

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