New biodiesel specifications will keep particulate filters clean

By now, we know all about the new ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel widely available throughout the States, but where does biodiesel fuel stand in relation to new emissions policies and technologies?
At the beginning of October, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) released a new specification for biodiesel fuel in an effort to ensure its wide acceptance. The new standard specifically limits the levels of calcium and magnesium that could potentially clog particulate filters which are needed to meet 2007 EPA emissions standards.

The new specification, D6751-06a, covers pure biodiesel. However, these changes were deemed necessary for the eventual approval of a new B20 specification that will hopefully gain universal acceptance. Already, all major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) support B5 and lower blends as long as they meet ASTM standards. A vote on a new B20 specification is scheduled for December and depending on the outcome a final approval could come as early as spring of next year.

[Source: National Biodiesel Board via]

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