Drivers in California have been familiar with the ritual of smog checks when they renew their vehicle registration. When car owners need a smog check it has to be done within 90 days of registering or renewing the vehicle. Drivers in the San Francisco Bay area now have a new tool to help them out with this task. A new site called eSmogCheck provides a way to quickly find a place to get their smog check, compare prices and make an appointment.

On the site you just enter your zip code, and click search. The site provides a list of service stations in the area that do smog checks along with a Yahoo map. Service stations that sign up with eSmogCheck even allow you make an appointment for a test and pre-pay right on the site. The site also checks out the stations before listing them as well as collecting customer feedback to try and weed out disreputable service stations. Not that a garage would ever try to rip off a customer, but that's for another time.

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