LA Times says the Saturn Vue Green Line hybrid is really more chartreuse

When is a hybrid not really a hybrid? When it's a "mild" hybrid, with a battery pack that can slightly improve fuel economy, but cannot drive the car on its own. The Saturn Vue Green Line is one of these mild hybrids, and the LA Times' Dan Neil was certainly unimpressed with it. He calls the Vue "as conventional as Victorian sex", a great phrase to describe this unexciting SUV. In fact, Neil's full of clever wordings that express his dislike of this vehicle. After doing a lot of comparisons of fuel savings and hybrid premium cost, he busts out this: "As much fun as playing with a calculator is, let's stow it for now and answer the question: What's the Vue GL like from behind the wheel? Well, all things considered, I think I'd rather be under the wheels." Ouch. You can read the whole article here, and see that in the end he has more for the Vue hybrid than pure scorn, he just wishes it could be more.

[Source: LA Times/Dan Neil, hat tip to starlightmica]

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