Toyota to begin testing B100 in its cars in 2009?

Is Toyota going for the biodiesel? TMC and Nippon Oil Corporation declined to confirm the story to Reuters, but the news got out in the Japanese newspaper the Yomiuri Shimbun. The Yomiuri reported Monday that Toyota and Nippon Oil would partner up with Petronas, the Malaysian state oil company, to develop biodiesel from palm oil. The companies will begin testing next year, but won't start making palm-oil biodiesel until 2009. Each company has a different role to play in the agreement. According to Yomiuri: "Petronas will supply palm oil and Nippon Oil will develop refining technologies to convert it to biodiesel for automobiles. Toyota will check if the developed fuels are safe to use for car engines." The Reuters' article is somewhat unclear, but it sounds like the end result will be testing of B100 in Toyota cars. Crazy.
[Source: Planet Ark via SF Biofuels]

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