Google co-op search for hybrid cars

AutoblogGreen reader Mike in Massachusetts is setting up one of Google's brand new co-op searches with the theme of hybrid cars. AutoblogGreen and Autoblog are two of the sites the search "emphasizes" (along with: Greenhybrid, Hybridcarblog, Greencarcongress, and Hybridcenter), but Mike is looking for input about what other sites to include. I figured fellow AutoblogGreen readers would have the best advice for Mike. Go ahead and leave your suggestions in the comments. I'm sure Mike will be checking in.

The idea behind co-op searches is explained in this article from the San Francisco Chronicle by Verne Kopytoff. Google is allowing users to create search engines that are tailored to weed out less appropriate results. The example Kopytoff gives is visitors on a fishing site who don't want to get results about a bass guitar.

[Source: Mike, Google, San Francisco Chronicle/Verne Kopytoff]

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