Ford Focus ST TDCi in the works

Here's an interesting tidbit of information: Our counterparts over at Autoblog Spanish are reporting that come January, some countries not named the United States of America will receive a diesel version of the Ford Focus ST. Details are scarce, but what is known is that the Focus ST TDCi will have the Oval's 2.0-liter diesel underhood. Feel free to speculate as to whether the boys at Ford's skunkworks will tune the powerplant to produce more than the 136-horsepower it generates in stock form. If it's really going to get the ST treatment, we'd imagine Ford would want to do something besides just slapping the ST bodywork and interior mods on.

We'll find out soon enough. In any case, add this one to the list of cool Foci that we won't be seeing here.

[Source: Autoblog Spanish (translated)]

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