Murtaya Roadster: Turbo, AWD hotness

When you mate Subaru's blown boxer and all-wheel-drive system to a lightweight body, only good things can come of it. The P2 from Prodrive has already proven that much. But, when another British racing firm creates their own bespoke machine, the hairs on the back of our neck stand at attention.

The UK's own Adrenaline Motorsports is in the process of developing a one-ton roadster that utilizes Subie motivation to make the sprint to sixty in under three seconds. The Murtaya will come in a few different flavors, with varying trim levels and power outputs, ranging between 150 and 400 HP.

Prototypes of the Murtaya are in the process of testing and a feasibility study of importing the roadster to North America is underway. If there is any justice in the world we'll see it on this side of the pond soon.

More pics after the jump.

[Source: Adrenaline Motorsports and Mike Spinelli/Jalopnik]

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