Britain cracks down on air pollution from gas vapor at the pump

Auto Industry is reporting that Britain has passed new air quality rules which will limit the amount of gas vapor that is emitted when filling your gas tank. Under the Petrol Vapour Recovery stage II controls (PVRII), gas stations that sell more than 3.5 million liters (about 925,000 gallons) per year have until January 1, 2010 to install equipment that would capture 85 percent of the escaping fumes. The government estimates that this will save about 16,000 tonnes (about 17,636 tons) of fumes from escaping per year.

The article doesn't mention a description of the equipment or the typical cost it will inflict on each gas station owner, however, the 3.5 million liter/year threshold of gas sales is designed to protect smaller stations in rural areas.

[Source: Auto Industry]

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