Toyota moving forward with the Endo

The Toyota Endo appears to be moving closer to production, as a tiny Toyota-badged mule has been spotted during testing in Japan. First shown in Frankfurt last year, this supermini competitor offers seating for 4 in a package barely larger than the 2-seat only ForTwo from rival SMART. Insiders are saying the production car will closely follow the look of the concept, although the flat panel display in place of a dashboard is sure to go. A wrap-around windscreen, vertical tailgate and two-tone bodywork are some of its most unique features.

Looking like something straight out of Minority Report, this futuristic city car would look so cool zipping around the urban jungles of Europe and Asia. These micro cars are perfect for cities where streets are narrow and fuel prices are sky high. As we pointed out when it was first introduced, the chances of the Endo ever coming to the States are slim.

Toyota's designers are said to have drawn inspiration from the SMART and Peugeot 1007 among others. But unlike those models, the Endo features wider-opening doors to improve access without needing the heavy (and pricey) sliding doors used on the 1007. The Endo is expected to hit dealers in 2007.

[Source: Auto Express]

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