A thrifty guy's take on why diesel rocks

He says what we're all thinking. Well, some of us anyway. Randy Leonard is a progressive guy in Oregon (at least, that's what I'm assuming based on the website he writes at, Blue Oregon). He's also thrifty (not cheap) and he's got a lot of thrifty reasons to love driving in his diesel Jetta TDI: the inherent goodness of diesel motors, new Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel and the possibility of filling it up with biodiesel. Leonard's post on diesel focuses on the non-biodiesel aspects, and he's all over the thriftiness of driving a diesel car: no spark plugs to change, higher mileage, and lower greenhouse gasses (except, of course, for NOx). Leonard seems to bee keen on biodiesel, especially that grown in Oregon, but he'll get into that more in Part 2. I look forward to it.

[Source: Blue Oregon]

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