Tesla Motors' Martin Eberhard: "We need to stop using oil altogether"

Looks like Tesla Motors chief Martin Eberhard has got fighting words for all you hybrid fans out there. Eberhard was nothing but nice to me at the unveiling of the Tesla Roadster in July, but maybe that's because I didn't show up in a Prius. Eberhard told hybrid owners (via the New York Times) that, "You can drive around and feel smug in a hybrid car. But you're still burning oil, dude. If we want to become independent of countries that hate us, we need to stop using oil altogether."

I agree that driving a Tesla Roadster instead of an ICE car will reduce your oil use. But let's not let all these green technology company execs (Eberhard was once CEO of Nuovomedia) sidestep the point that electronics often eat up oil too, in production (plastics) and use (energy creation).

[Source: New York Times]

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