Reviving old Canadian emissions laws won't clean the air, says David Suzuki Foundation

Following up on the revival of the 25-year-old emissions law in Canada I wrote about yesterday, I found out that not everyone is happy with the law being reintroduced. The David Suzuki Foundation, a 16-year-old environmental group, says that the law is an "elaborate framework for procrastination" and the emissions targets are in the revised law are set so far into the future that they guarantee rising pollution levels in Canada.

"Instead of acting to cut pollution, the government is offering hollow rhetoric as a smokescreen for ignoring existing laws that could make a real difference if they were enforced," David Suzuki Foundation policy analyst Dale Marshall said after an initial review of the law. The Foundation's biggest problem with the law is that the "only definite element is more consultation, potentially delaying real action for years." Let's hope it doesn't take another 25.

[Source: Climate Change Saskatchewan]

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