Restaurateur wants the last Taurus

Truett Cathy, the 85-year-old owner of the Chik-fil-A restaurant, maintains that the success of his greasy spoon is due in large part to the Ford plant down the street. The Chik-fil-A is Mr. Cathy's first restaurant, which opened in 1961 and has served as the flagship to his other establishments in the Atlanta area.

When Cathy caught wind of the plant's closure this Friday, he began inquiring as to how he might obtain the final Taurus that rolls off the line. Ford spokesperson, Anne Marie Gattari is quoted as saying that the automaker is "working to make it happen."

Mr. Cathy, who opened his first restaurant in 1946, is somewhat of an auto collector and if he succeeds in his acquisition of the Taurus, it will find a home along other vehicles at his Atlanta headquarters.

[Source: Yahoo! News]

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