Pittsburgh schools investing in cleaner diesel, fewer fumes

New Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel, which is now widely available in America, may costs more to produce and purchase, but school districts near Pittsburgh are willing to spend money to get the benefits of the cleaner fuel. In this story from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, for example, the number for the North Allegheny School District and others are explained.

The district uses about 200,000 gallons of diesel a year, so the extra 20 cents it costs to buy each gallon of ULSD adds up to $40,000 of new costs. By buying diesel in bulk with other school districts in the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, the cost goes down, but obviously it's still higher than messy old diesel. Adding expensive filters or diesel catalytic converters (at about $150 per bus) also cleans the air the children breathe. The Penn Hills School District says it spent more than $12,000 for converters for the district's 83 buses. They're doing it for the children.

[Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

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