More than Mags: Cragar Special Editions rolling to a dealer near you

Cragar -- the company known for its timeless, instantly recognizable mag wheels -- is getting into the complete-car business. First up is the Cragar Special Edition Ford Mustang. It'll be followed later on by a similarly-themed F-150 truck.

Available through select dealerships, the Cragar Mustang is dressed up with 70s-era visual mods, like a black hood, gaping (and functional) scoop, BOSS-style side striping, and matte-black skirts, front lip spoiler, and trim between the taillamps.The factory honeycomb grilles get tossed in favor black horizontal-slatted units with Cragar badging, and the stock front bumper is also replaced. Naturally, Cragar wheels fill the cutouts -- in this case, they're the aluminum 20" S/S Series 610 models. Lurking behind the spokes are Cragar Big Blue performance brakes, and the 'Stang's respiratory system is enhanced by a Cragar cold-air intake and cat-back exhaust system. Branded interior bits and optional rear window louvers (yes!) round out the car's list of mods, and owners are given a selection of Cragar swag and a Hot Rod magazine subscription to boot.

Details on the Cragar F-150 aren't out yet, but based on the photo after the jump, expect a similar setup. According to the December 2006 issue of Hot Rod, Cragar will turn their attention to Mopar muscle next, offering special editions of the '08 Challenger and Ram 1500. If you GM fans are wondering where the love is, fret not. A Cragar Camaro is in the works, too. Bitchin'.

Pricing? Power? Sorry, no details yet.

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Cragar Special Edition Ford Mustang and F-150

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