ZAP! joins the green blogosphere

It just got a little easier to keep tabs on the green-minded gearheads over at ZAP! since they recently started a company blog. As we've seen in the past, some company blog sites can be pretty dry as they're often just used as another medium to distribute press releases. That's not the case for these guys. As of this writing, there are only 13 posts up, but they've still got a good mix of company information as well as general automotive and environmental interest pieces. And of course, they've got a comments section for us to add our two cents.

Just one thing, ZAP!. Please, please, please add an RSS feed to your blog site. When you sort through as many articles a day as we do, it's easiest to follow the sites you like best with a good RSS reader. In any case, you can check out their blog site at

[Source: ZAP!]

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