$1.85 million offer for LA's 74 RAV4 EVs, but are they for sale?

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is being urged to sell the 74 electric RAV4s to the public, instead of returning the leased vehicles to Toyota. The DWP officials don't necessarily see themselves as used car salesmen, but an offer of $1.85 million for all the electric vehicles might change their tone. No need to start typing numbers in your calculator, the offer boils down to $25,000 per car. All of this is clearly depending on whether Toyota is willing to part with the vehicles. While some companies have crushed their electric cars at the end of their lease, Toyota is not planning to destroy the electric RAV4s. When the leases end, the vehicles that are safe and economical to operate are being redeployed. Toyota has retired approximately 20 EVs to provide parts for the remaining cars.
[Source: LA Daily News]

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