Hyundai offers Garmin sat navs through dealers

Garmin has scored a major coup by buddying up with Hyundai to sell its nüvi 360 personal navigation device at all of the automaker's 725 dealerships across the U.S. The nüvi 360 not only navigates, but also features hands-free Bluetooth calling and other travel specific features like a database of over 6 million points of interest, a currency converter and an MP3 player with picture viewer. The small pocket-sized device mounts on your vehicle's windshield, though it can be detached and used while traveling on foot, as well. At $857.00, however, the cost of the device is anything but diminutive.

This could be a very smart move by Hyundai as well, which knows that redesigning and engineering a dash to accept a nav system and Bluetooth compatibility wouldn't be cost effective for many of its models like the lower priced Accent and Elantra. The South Korean automaker doesn't actually offer a satellite navigation system on any of its vehicles, so this could also be a stopgap measure to satisfy customers interested in such technology while Hyundai works on rolling out a factory version for its vehicles in the North American market.

[Source: Garmin]

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