Europa doesn't live up to its Lotus badge

The world is rife with disappointments, but driving a Lotus should never fall into that category. According to Andrew Frankel over at Inside Line, that's exactly what the new Lotus Europa S is – a cumbersome, unmotivated and unrefined (not in the Lotus way) let down.

His report from Europe makes it clear that this is not a proper Lotus, if for no other reason than it was developed by Proton, then had the Lotus emblem attached later. The interior, although an upgrade over an Elise/Exige, is still far from GT-like. The controls are there, spartan as they may be, but due to engine noise, a lack of luxury amenities and limited trunk space, it doesn't make the grade.

Motivation was another disappointment, as the GM-sourced, turbo'd 2-liter had disturbing quantities of lag, which then compromised the very Lotusness of the driving experience.

In the end, Mr. Frankel made the assertion that this may be one of the few times that a vehicle not coming to the U.S. is a good thing. The Europa would disappoint owners, diminish the perceptions of Lotus and shame Mr. Chapman himself.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]

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