Audi officially unveils the TT Roadster

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Finally! Audi has unveiled the Roadster variations of the Audi TT, which comes in two packages: the top-of-the-line 3.2L V6 TT equipped with quattro AWD and puts out 250 hp, and a FWD 2.0L TFSI base model producing 200 hp. Both models come available with six-speed manual transmissions or Audi's S-tronic dual-clutch system.

Audi chose to go the soft route with the roof, which comes in either black or dark gray, rather than utilizing a retractable hardtop. Audi claims that quietness has been improved thanks to a special layer within the material making up the roof, and utility is excellent as well -- the top can be opened up or closed in a mere 12 seconds at speeds of up to about 30 mph. The top still cuts into the cargo space (like you're gonna buy a TT to haul stuff anyway), but the good news is that Audi increased the trunk space 40 liters over the last TT.

We already knew what the design would look like thanks to some spy shots, but it's still certainly a nice car to look at. More high resolution shots can be after the jump.


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