We like Richard Dreyfuss. Whether it's the old-school Richard ( Close Encounters, Jaws), the 80s Richard ( Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Stakeout, Let it Ride), or the modern Richard ( What About Bob?, Poseidon), Dreyfuss has demonstrated his formidable chops as a thespian many times over, often making us laugh along the way.

The laughs came again when we watched this TV spot for the '70 AMC Javelin, though we don't think they were exactly intentional. Dreyfuss is the "star" of the spot, in which he leads a very unintimidating band of hoods as they check out the coupe. Affecting a neo-Bugs Bunny accent with the cheese factor turned up to the max, he and his cohorts extoll the virtues of the Javelin while looking as if they could break into song -- West Side Story-style -- at any given moment.

Thankfully, they don't. Good thing. If we laughed any harder, someone would've had to call an ambulance. The overacting reaches Shatnerian levels, and the entertainment value is incalculable.

[Source: YouTube]

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