MINI almost out of Ones

We in the U.S. are not privy to every grade of MINI that's sold in Europe. It's particularly unfortunate that we lose out on the MINI One and One D, entry-level models of the diminutive Cooper that are sold below the standard Cooper's price and get exemplary fuel-economy thanks to smaller, more fuel-efficient engines (the D gets a diesel, obviously). It turns out, however, that the U.K. will soon feel our pain as the supply of 2006 MINI Ones will run out any day now. WhatCar? reports that there are less than 100 MINI Ones left, and the real kicker is that the all-new 2007 MINI One won't go on sale until April of next year. Any Brit desperately desiring a MINI One will soon have no choice but to opt up for the more expensive Cooper or Cooper S models, which are at least £1,400 more than the One.
This news is just the latest in a series of supply trouble for MINI, which has hardly ever been able to keep up with the public's demand for its iconic cars very well. We were recently taken on a tour of the brand's Oxford plant, the last stop in MINI's new production triangle, thanks to Paul Tan. Hopefully MINI has ironed out the wrinkles in production that kept it from selling every car it could the first time around, though we suppose that problem is better than not being able to sell every car you built.

[Source: WhatCar?]

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