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China's first fuel cell car now a reality

One doesn't normally think of Chinese automakers immediately when it comes to advanced power trains and breakthrough vehicle technologies, but that may change pretty soon. Fuel Cell Today is reporting that China has built its first fuel cell car. It's the result of a joint effort involving Tsinghua University, Chery Auto and J&K Technologies that started in 2005.

Not resting on their laurels, Tsinghua University's Zong Qiang Mao told the National Hydrogen Association earlier this year in Long Beach, California that China would have 20,000 fuel cell buses in operation by 2020.

Fuel Cell Works has the text of the actual press release which seems to state that the car tops out at 80 kph (about 50 mph) with an engine cost increase of just 10 percent over a traditional car. I'm not entirely certain why they state that last part as the engine is probably a pretty simple electric motor. If they're going to start talking prices, it's the fuel cell stack that we're interested in.

[Source: Fuel Cell Today]

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