TRL introduces a cheaper, more reliable, cleaner hybrid battery

North Carolina-based Technology Research Laboratories announced the development of a new rugged, long-life battery that would be ideal for plug-in hybrid vehicle use.

According to a press release, the company says the batteries are fabricated almost entirely from carbon and plastic which make them far less polluting than typical electrochemical batteries. Also, the batteries have the ability to withstand severe electrical abuse such as total discharge without seeing any damage or degradation in performance.

TRL estimates that a typical four-passenger electric car containing under 1000 pounds of TRL's new batteries could manage a range between 75 and 100 miles depending on speed and road conditions.

The press release doesn't state just what type of technology drives these batteries. This page on TRL's website describes the company's common ion redox (CIR) battery, however, it's unclear as to whether or not it's a similar technology. I sent an email to TRL's media contact, so you can be sure that we'll update you as soon as we hear back.

[Source: Technology Research Laboratories]

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