Alternative fuels good or bad for our favorite foods?

A columnist for the Motley Fool wonders if the trend toward alternative fuels will be good for the food industry. She says the demand for corn, soybeans and flaxseed may affect the supply to Kellogs, General Mills, Kraft and other companies that rely on grains. She says there may be a quick and sudden demand for some commodities but there won't be a sudden supply surge. The result: higher prices.

"So while biodiesel may be good for our cars and the environment, it may not be great for our bellies and wallets," says Selena Maranjian. She was happy to see some companies recycle their frying oil to fuel their diesel vehicles.

While Maranjian has her fuels mixed up slightly in that corn and soybeans will be used to produce ethanol, not biodiesel, her questions regarding the impact of increased commodity prices should not go unnoticied.

[Source: The Motley Fool]

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