The Dealer Rumor Mill: Dodge Avenger due in February

The Detroit News is quoting dealers who say that the Dodge Avenger will begin production in January and should hit dealer lots by February. When the newspaper contacted Chrysler to confirm the information, Dave Elshoff, a Chrysler spokesman replied, "We haven't announced any plans to build the Dodge Avenger."

So there you have it. Dodge dealers say it's a go and Chrysler P.R. says 'no.' Whatever. We all know that the Avenger will see production; it's all just a matter of when and where.

The Avenger is expected to bring new buyers into the Dodge fold, as its relatively aggressive styling is the antithesis of other vehicles competing in the segment. The design cues shared by its larger sibling, the Charger, are more than obvious, and if Chrysler can equip the sedan at a competitive price, with all the features buyers expect, it may be able to pull its car sales out of the doldrums (down 10.6 percent for the year). Considering how poorly the Stratus is doing (down 37.8 percent for the year), it looks like things could only get better.

[Source: Detroit News]

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