Diesel mixup does major damage at gas station

We can't imagine how many safeguards had to be ignored and incompetent people employed to allow such a thing to happen, but somehow last Wednesday a Super Petroleum gas station (no pic available, generic station at right) in Holbrook, MA had its underground tank for regular unleaded accidentally filled with diesel fuel during a routine delivery at 3AM. Three days passed before the mistake was realized, during which time 45 cars expecting good ole' 87 octane were fed diesel fuel.
The Enterprise reports that some cars made it 20 miles before they stopped dead in the street while others didn't make it out of the station. Local mechanics that received the windfall of business from the error eventually figured out what was going on and three days and 45 downed cars later the damage came to a halt. Fortunately, affected car owners are reporting that the gas station has been paying for each vehicle to be repaired or performing the repairs itself. Station owner Dana Watson is even filling each car repaired by her Super Petroleum mechanics with a fresh tank of gas. She might want to double check what she's pumping this time.

[Source: Boston Herald via Kicking Tires]

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