Proton Motor Delivers Fuel-Cell Hybrid Midi-Bus

German based Proton Motor Fuel Cell has developed a hybrid fuel cell powertrain that includes a nickel-metal-hydride battery pack that they have installed into the first of a series of buses. The first of these mid-sized buses was recently delivered to the city of Carth in Germany. The fuel cell stacks produce 60 hp and the combination of fuel cell and batteries puts out 107hp. The batteries can be used to capture power from the regenerative brakes, for extra range and power. Two storage tanks hold about 80 gallons of of liquid hydrogen at 3000 psi. The 22-passenger bus is going to be used as a tourist bus and has a range of 112 miles.

This particular bus is the first of an intended production design. The previous buses that Proton built were all one-off vehicles. Full production, which presumably means more than two of the same type of bus, is due to start next year.


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