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Making ethanol in Hawai?i? It won't be an easy process

We've always known that the economics of ethanol production vary widely from place to place. Take Hawai?i, for example. The main problems with making the biofuel locally include reviving the sugar can fields – and finding the land and workers to make this possible – to make the feedstock, building production plants, and arguments over water rights. Water rights are a tricky issue in Hawai?i, since so many people need the precious resource.

These issues aren't stopping island-based companies from planning to make ethanol. Local production might start in late 2007 by any one of the five interested companies. The state government has said it is willing to give up to $12 million a year in tax breaks, but won't pay until the ethanol starts to flow. So far, the government is holding on to the cash.

For all the details, read the article in the Honolulu Advertiser. It's well done and makes me even more convinced EVs are the way to go here.

[Source: Honolulu Advertiser]

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