Spy Shots: 2008 Jaguar S-Type

Last month we told you how important the upcoming S-Type replacement was for the future of Jaguar, if not for Ford itself. Although Jaguar is still officially not for sale, the success or failure of the next generation S-Type could determine whether there will even continue to be a Ford Premier Auto Group. And so, because of the importance of this new midsize Jag, we feel it crucial to pass along any news on what this new car might look like. And thanks to Brenda Priddy, we have some new ideas.
Caught testing near Jaguar's German engineering center, this newest mule appears to be undergoing evaluation for the new nose's cooling properties. As Priddy explains: "Examining the pictures gives clues to the look of the car, which is rumored to be Jaguar's long-awaited break with traditional styling. The new hood is cut away sharply over the headlights and the grille looks as if it will be cut further down into the front bumper. If these clues are anything to go by, the new S-Type, will have a much more aggressive look than today's oddly retro machine. We also understand that the car will be the first Jag to adopt a modern nose-down, tail-up stance."

Scheduled to debut in Frankfurt next year, the new S-Type will reach European dealers as a 2008 model and the U.S. as an '09.

[Source: Winding Road]

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