First image of AC coupe resurrected from SMART roadster

As more information about the resurgence of AC comes to light, our excitement grows two-fold. This update, however, left us a little cold, as we expected a slightly more radical styling departure from the old SMART Roadster.

Nonetheless, Project Kimber will be producing some variant of the above two-seater, available in both hardtop and convertible form. Overall, the design is a dead ringer for the model forming its basis, but a few small tweaks in the headlights, grill and rear haunches make it distinct. With Gordon Murray and the rest of the team plotting and planning, we're going to keep on praying at the altar of the Gearhead God that somehow this new AC will find its way stateside. Check the 'related links' below for our previous coverage.

[Source: Auto Express]

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