AC will live, with Smart underpinnings

The U.K. sports car group Project Kimber has announced that they'll be bringing back the renowned AC mark, with production expected to begin in 2007. As if that's not exciting enough, they've brought in some of the most celebrated names in vehicle design. Most notably among them is Gordon Murray, designer of the McLaren F1, John Piper who was instrumental in the JCB DieselMax landspeed record-setter and Jaguar F-Type concept designer, Keith Helfet.

The featherweight two-seater is based off the last generation Smart roadster and will come in both coupe and convertible trims. An updated engine and gearbox will be mounted mid-ship, shoveling power to the rear wheels. 8,000 examples are expected to be produced each year, with a starting price rumored to be around £13,000.

Beyond those basics, details are scarce, but knowing what masters are manning the design team, we're confident that AC will be returned to its former glory.

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