Thanks to those who helped Brenda Priddy and The March of Dimes

We just wanted to thank those who donated to the March of Dimes and helped spring Brenda Priddy from the slammer for her Jail & Bail fundraiser. She not only reached her goal but exceeded it by 50% with a lot of help from generous Autoblog readers. Brenda has decided to be extra generous and is opening up her spy coffers to thank each person who donated with a token of her gratitude. The list of who donated and what each person will be receiving is below. Ya see, you give a little and you get a little. Isn't it nice how things work out like that? If you'd still like to donate, you can do so by clicking on this link and opening up your wallet.
  • Chad G. – Mercedes hat & car-shaped playing cards
  • Josh K. – The beloved Hemi Dog from the 2005 NAIAS
  • Eric N. – "Spy File" cards/trivia from the International Spy Museum in D.C.
  • John S. – "Espionage" hat and nifty 'wrenchware' silverware
  • Andy C. – Mitsubishi Ralli Art T-shirt
  • Frank F. – Chrysler Imperial (Concept) knit scarf from the NAIAS
  • Alan K. – Subaru T-Shirt
  • John V. – "Espionage" hat

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